Illegal Immigrants Can File for Bankruptcy

Many immigrants have debt from businesses, credit cards, medical bills and mortgages—undocumented workers can file bankruptcy and eliminate these debts. You do not need a Social Security card to file bankruptcy, but must have an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). This is the number you get when you pay your taxes to the US Government. […]


What is the New Worker Permit Law in Utah?

Utah has taken a controversial step in addressing the illegal immigration issue. With the passage of H.B. 116, the state has provided a path to legal residency to those illegal immigrants either living or working in Utah. Under the provisions of H.B. 116, an undocumented immigrant may apply for a Guest Worker Permit. The individual […]


How Can a Criminal Conviction Affect Your Immigration Status?

According to the law, a conviction for crimes, such as fraud, theft, certain drug crimes, rape or assault, can be grounds for deportation. Moreover, for certain crimes, you can be permanently barred from entering the US in the future. Whether you are an undocumented person or a permanent legal resident, a criminal conviction can mean […]


Why Use a Criminal Lawyer Who Also Knows Immigration Law?

If you are not a citizen, but you currently live in the United States, it is important for you to know that different criminal convictions can affect your immigration status in a variety of ways.  That said, it is crucial that your criminal defense is well planned; otherwise, you could end up in jail, subject […]


Can I Get Married to My Fiancee Who is Here Illegally?

Marriage is considered a fundamental right under the United States Constitution. As such, there are few restrictions on whom you may marry, other than laws that prevent you from marrying someone when you are in an existing marriage or marrying someone who is underage, the same gender as you, or a close relative. However, the […]


How Will Immigration Law Change in Utah?

Utah, with the passage of law H.B. 116 in March 2011, has proposed a fundamental change in its immigration laws. However, the law is very controversial and may not have an actual impact unless approved by the federal government. The changes in the laws reflect a document known as the “Utah Compact.” Essentially, this calls […]