What If I Am Innocent?

As an accused defendant, a plea deal means you will plead guilty to a criminal charge. Likely you will plead guilty to a lesser charge than originally filed by the prosecutor, or maybe some charge or charges will be dropped. But why should you plead guilty to any charge if you truly did nothing wrong […]


Prosecutor’s Notes

Your Salt Lake City DUI defense lawyer can learn a lot by observing whether the prosecutor takes a lot of notes during the pretrial conference. It’s likely that the prosecutor works for a large governmental agency (such as the district attorney’s office) and is not going to be handling every aspect of your case. Therefore, […]


Can My DUI Charge Be Changed to Something Less Severe?

Having your DUI charge changed to something else less severe can be a task, but it is not totally impossible. At the time of your preliminary hearing, a judge will decide whether or not the prosecutor has enough evidence to convince a jury that you were driving while intoxicated. It is during this time that […]


Why Use a Criminal Lawyer Who Also Knows Immigration Law?

If you are not a citizen, but you currently live in the United States, it is important for you to know that different criminal convictions can affect your immigration status in a variety of ways.  That said, it is crucial that your criminal defense is well planned; otherwise, you could end up in jail, subject […]