What If I Am Innocent? - Liberty Law

As an accused defendant, a plea deal means you will plead guilty to a criminal charge. Likely you will plead guilty to a lesser charge than originally filed by the prosecutor, or maybe some charge or charges will be dropped.

But why should you plead guilty to any charge if you truly did nothing wrong and violated no laws?

The reality is that there are no guarantees for a defendant facing a criminal trial. The potential penalties for a conviction on the charge you were arrested on are far greater than the consequences of a plea deal that may be negotiated by an experienced Salt Lake City DUI attorney.

It is important to realize the difference between a felony charge and a misdemeanor charge. A felony conviction may involve mandatory prison time, substantial monetary fines and other consequences.

In contrast, should you plead guilty to a lesser charge of a misdemeanor, you may avoid incarceration altogether, and your financial penalties may be minimized.

Additionally, a plea deal allows the matter to be resolved much quicker. If you have a high-profile job, or perhaps are someone whose name is in the news, you may wish to minimize the public exposure such charges will likely bring.

These issues and developing an approach to minimize your liability on the charges you face are best explored through a consultation with a Salt Lake City DUI attorney.