What to Do After a Car Accident - Liberty Law

When you’re involved in a vehicle accident, following a few simple guidelines will help you to obtain the most compensation for your accident:
1.  Check everyone in your vehicle for injuries.
2.  Make sure you are not in danger of a secondary collision from oncoming traffic and move your vehicle out of the roadway if necessary.
3.  Call 911, a police officer will be dispatched and will complete an accident report.
4.  Make sure you give the police officer a written statement of how the accident happened.
5.  Exchange insurance information and contact information with the other driver.
6.  Obtain the names and phone numbers of all witnesses before you leave the accident scene. This is very important, as sometimes people involved tend to change their stories when reporting the accident to their insurance company.
7.  As safety permits, take pictures of damaged vehicles, positions of the cars, any skid marks and any injuries sustained.
8.  Call your insurance provider to report the accident and write down your accident claim number.  You will need to give this claim number to all your medical providers (if you are injured) for payment of medical services.
9.  Keep a written account of any conversations with the insurance adjusters, agents, and any other people involved in your claims process.
10.  Call a personal injury attorney if you have any questions about additional compensation which you can recover for your accident.