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Every day in Utah, there are 143 crashes, with 61 people injured and 1 person killed, according to the most recent Utah Crash Summary report, issued by the Department of Public Safety.

In 2011, there were 52,287 total reported traffic crashes, with 22,325 people injured and 243 people killed. While those numbers are high, in 2011 traffic deaths were actually at their lowest levels in Utah since 1974. Moreover, Utah’s death rate per vehicle miles travelled is still below the overall U.S. rate.

So what behaviors lead to traffic accidents? According to the Summary, 22% (11,511) of total crashes occurred from following too closely; 18% (9,254) from failing to yield; 18% (9,626) from inclement weather; and 17% (8,699) from speeding.

The number one reason for fatal crashes in Utah? Speeding, which caused 41% (90) of all fatal crashes in Utah in 2011.

Aggressive Driving
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