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We’ve collected some of the reviews from around the web regarding our services. These reviews come from various sources including Google, Yahoo, Yellowpages, and Facebook.

“Unfortunately I cannot share my problem completely, But this attorney changed my serious case to something else at the end. He really did his best to clean my records in the U.S. as much as possible. You never feel that you are cooperating with an stranger attorney. All the time I had this feeling that he is a member of my family and he really will help you like a part of your family. So, WHY SHOULD I GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE SINCE THIS GUY IS LIVING IN UTAH??!!” -M.T.”James did everything that you would expect and hope for in an attorney. His cost was fair and was willing to let me make payments. He kept me informed and communicated what he needed from me. I would recommend James to anyone! My case was dismissed and I believe it was because of him. Great attorney!” -Criminal Defense Client

“Excellent law firm, very professional, please check them out if you need some great legal advice.” -Steven

“James Lee is a solid professional! I was a little worried about all this court stuff that I was going through. After speaking with him and the job he did for me, I will not refer anybody to anyone else but James. I appreciate his efforts and actions for my case.” -Spencer

“My wife is in America with a F-1 student visa and we had problems with the whole naturalization process which can be a pain in the neck. I needed help with I-485, I-765, I-131 and I-864. James was the type of lawyer that I needed because he was fast efficient and overall very knowledgeable. His prices for were also very reasonable so it was definitively worth the expense.” -Joshua

“I went to a chiropractor for my back and neck pain that I had due to my accident. The clinic recommended James and Lupe. It was a very pleasant experience working with them. I was able to receive enough money to cover my medical bills and to have a few thousand in my pocket.” -Gonzalez

“When our case started I was so worried. I had very little exposure to the legal process and my family had even less. James was awesome. Despite our language barriers, he was able to walk my family through a tough criminal case, making sure that the outcome would in no way affect our families immigration status. James took us from several criminal charges to everything being dismissed. He was quick to answer questions and always available help. Since our first phone call, he has done some great things to help our family. I am most grateful for ability to work with the entire family, making everyone feel like they have a role and choice in the process. James made sure that there was no fear and that everything was manageable, even when the outcomes weren’t going to be perfect. He was awesome to work with…No hay mejor abogado in Utah para ayudar con casos de cualquier problema.” -Resolved Quickly

“Mario Arras and James Lee are great attorneys . I really trust them. I know them from their American Fork office, but I’m sure their Salt Lake office is great too.” -MC

“I will say I’ve known few attorneys that I like and trust as much as Mr. James Lee. He is a good listener and is respectful. He’s got a backbone too.” -Sam

“The paralegal Lupe is one of the most helpful professionals I’ve ever dealt with. She always returned my calls, gave me an update on my case, and was willing to help me with minor details like getting my car back from the impound. Plus, I received a generous settlement on my case.” -Jorge

“James Lee is an outstanding attorney. He’s experienced, professional, respectful and highly effective at what he does. I can’t imagine an attorney who could deliver a more positive experience and outcome.” -client_s

“James Lee is an excellent attorney. He helped me a lot to understand what I needed to put across for the appeal hearing at unemployment. He made it a lot easier on me because I couldn’t have done, that’s for sure. He brought out everything that needed to be said. I think James Lee would be very good. I’m going to also take my criminal charge to trial and I’m going to use him. Also the price was very fair, and I would recommend him to others.” -Sherri

“Probably the most surprising occurrence for me was that both attorneys (Mario Arras and James Lee) were present at the consultation and at the court hearing. The support we felt was incredible. Mario Arras handled the case for us. You will find a man with the support, knowledge and skill to handle your family related affairs. Very friendly and knowledgeable individuals. The price was fair.” -Ulf

“I am grateful that I called them and got a consultation. They gave me great advice. Hire them!!!!” -IrmitaPrincess

“Great attention to detail and responsive, personal service. Would highly recommend James and his team to anyone seeking immigration services.” -Robert Maxwell

“I would recommend James Lee, he is very responsible, well informed and willing to go the extra mile. Great guy!” -Lenn Bell

“James Lee fought for my rights more like a friend than an appointed attorney. He was very thorough in his investigations of my case, and was extremely patient when explaining my rights. He went above and beyond what was “required” of him, and I would highly recommend retaining James Lee for ANY type of legal issues!” -Don F. Fitch

“I got a DUI and I was going to lose my driver’s license. James Lee represented me at the hearing at the DMV and he was brilliant! He was very well prepared. He cross examined the police officer with all of these creative questions. And then he had a closing argument that brought out so many arguments and issues that I would have never thought of. And then a week later I got a letter that said that I could keep my license. I would highly recommend Liberty Law.” -Kathy

“He’s the true meaning of the saying “ ;YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS” don’t let the laid back countenance fool you, James Lee is and will be efficient in handling your case. i made the wrong choices and got charged with possession, and Lee was able to reduce it to a “diversion” that means; you complete probation and you are off the records. i was worried at first because he was so mellow about it, but he dug out a splendid verdict. don’t know about you..but i’m a happy man!!” -Taa

“Fantastic attorney!! Hello. Some time ago I came to Mr. James Lee with a case and a problem I was having. He sat down with me, listened to my whole entire case and story, and after having read my statement, decided he would take my case. After that, in my opinion, I can honestly say that Mr. James Lee is one of the greatest professional attorneys I have ever gotten to know. I highly recommend him no matter what the case is, whether it is driving without a seat belt or rape or whatever. He has a great outlook on his career and life. He has a great personality and a good sense of humor. He also has reasonable prices and was willing to work with me. Before I came to talk to him, I saw 4 other attorneys. 2 of them flat out told me that they had no time to take my case. The other 2 were VERY expensive. Also, I Also, I would honestly recommend him to anyone at any given time for any case as of a legal issue. I would definitely hire him again if I get another criminal case. IF I ever have another one! James is very honest, professional, down to earth, and seems to enjoy his job very much. Keep up the great work!” -Lane

“Liberty Law is the most positive experience I have ever had with an attorney. James Lee was receptive and attentive from the first time we consulted at his American Fork, UT offices to the final immigration interview. I hired him because I knew this young BYU grad would be eager to continue building his business efficiently and my file wouldn’t get passed around or lost in the halls of some massive, overpriced, overstuffed law firm. When I called or emailed James with probably too many niggly, little questions during our USCIS application process he was always right there with a patient reply and reassuring explanation. His calm, measured demeanor meant nothing was forgotten or left to chance. It helped me step up my game to ensure I was doing all could for my file and its successful conclusion. He even offered sample interview questions to help my spouse and I prepare for our final immigration interview. I would highly recommend James Lee and Liberty Law Group to work with anyone who want personalized, attentive and professional legal services.” -RM

“James Lee is an honest, hardworking lawyer, and I would recommend him to anyone with a criminal or immigration issue. He helped me win my case!” -Brian