Immigrants Helping Immigrants: Our Experienced Utah Immigration Attorneys

Immigrants Helping Immigrants: Our Experienced Utah Immigration Attorneys - Liberty Law

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We are a diverse group of professionals who have personal experience with the difficulties immigrants face in this country. We stay current on the latest news and changes in the law. Even if you’ve spoken to an attorney before, the law may have changed!

We understand that many immigrants just want information and a little bit of guidance.  At Liberty Law, we are happy to sit down with you and discuss your case and all of your options in detail.  We charge a $40 consultation fee, and there is no pressure to hire us. 

Our office has handled a variety of cases in the following areas:

Adjustment of Status

Consular Processing

Fiance Visas

U-visas and VAWA


Asylum and Refugee cases

Removal Defense

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Here are a few of our past victories:

-U Visa granted to spouse who was victim of domestic violence

-Green card granted to refugee who had several theft charges

-Citizenship granted to Permanent Resident who had marijuana possession charge and 10 driving on suspension charges

-Permanent Residency granted to many other deserving immigrants–even for those who were “out of status”

-We were awarded Clients’ Choice Award in 2013 from (a third-party evaluator of attorneys)