Getting the Most Compensation for Your Car Accident: How to Increase the Insurance Company's Offer - Liberty Law

You’ve been in a car accident and reported it to your insurance company.   The insurance adjuster says he or she will investigate the accident; but even before the investigation begins, your insurance company may have already decided how much money it wants to pay you for the accident!

This amount of money is called a “reserve,” and insurance companies first decide what the reserve will be with little information—usually your name, address, and a brief description of the accident and/or injuries.  How do you get the reserve as high as possible?  Here are some helpful tips:

Within 15 days after you report a claim, your adjuster should finish a report of the accident.  This report details your insurance coverage and lists any liabilities, injuries and/or damages from the accident.  After this report is submitted, your insurance company will increase or decrease the reserve amount to settle your case.  It’s very important that you document injuries and damage to your vehicle (pictures, written statements, medical records, etc.) and submit this information, along with any medical bills, to your adjuster as soon as possible.  The insurance company can then increase the “reserve” amount needed to pay for them.

What if you need ongoing treatment—how will this be reflected in the reserve amount?  It is helpful to know that the adjuster may continue investigating your claim after the 15-day report; he or she often will file a second report with the insurance company after a 30- to 90-day investigation.  This allows you time to gather all your medical bills and receive treatment.  Make sure you are constantly informing your insurance adjuster of these increasing medical bills so he or she can put this in their report.

Your personal injury attorney will discuss these things with the adjuster to obtain the highest compensation possible for your accident.  If you want to avoid litigation, it’s important to contact an attorney and begin your personal injury case as quickly as possible.  Contact us at Utah Liberty Law for your FREE consultation:  801-709-6309.